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Library Journal, February 2020 

“A book chapter about the factors shaping the degree paths of black students in South Africa, an entry on the challenges of teacher recruitment in Anguilla, and a piece on friendship and peer culture in Finland are among the many fascinating studies in this well-constructed database that explores education and childhood studies around the world.”

“Though relatively new, this database offers effective searching options and is full of content that education students and researchers will find extremely valuable, especially those interested in international perspectives and practices … Overall, it’s already a strong tool that will only continue to be improved.”

Rob Tench, Acquisitions & Resources Fulfilment Librarian, Old Dominion University


“A major strength is the comparative approach to the [product]. This is very helpful for scholars in education! To be able to access materials across all educational levels provides key foundational information, particularly for faculty members that are teaching courses with students who are surveying new information or who are working on building comparative understandings. The [product] aim of having researchers, both emerging and established within the country it is written about provides authenticity and perhaps enhanced knowledge of nuanced data that may be more difficult for researchers from outside the country to obtain. This is a huge plus!”

Matthew A Witenstein, Assistant Professor, University of Dayton, USA

“The [product] provides fruitful information about education in different levels and regions. It covers various topics from early childhood to higher education, which is the strength of the series!”

Kun Dai, Assistant Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“The thematic range of the [product], fine-grained structuring at each level (from ECD to HE), and global scope, are certainly impressive. Use of indigenous scholars for each country is excellent.

Amyn B. Sajoo. Scholar-in-Residence & Lecturer, Simon Fraser University, School for International Studies, Canada

“I find the policy brief format and style to be a strength, in terms of accessibility and ease of comparability. Further readings and resources are excellent – I find them very useful. I would – will - use this as a resource in my teaching, and even possibly as an initial point of reference in scoping research work.”

Alexandra McCormick, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, Australia