In Ukraine, the education system mixes elements inherited from the Soviet Union with a growing desire for national renewal. Under the Soviet Union, near-universal literacy was achieved, despite major ideological influences on education. Following the nation’s transition to a democracy in the 1990s, major reforms led to the abolition of ideology in the education system and new initiatives promoting national culture. Today, education is regarded as one of the most important human values in Ukraine. The ideas of scientific and cultural progress, humanism, democracy, and mutual respect underpin Ukrainian education.

As Ukraine faces another conflict with Russia, it is yet to be seen how this will impact that nation’s future.

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Teaching sustainability

In honor of Earth Day, which took place on April 22nd, this theme explores how sustainability education can be implemented in the curriculum.

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ARTICLE SPOTLIGHT: Migration and Mobility in Childhood

Migration in childhood

Special educational needs and disabilities in primary education differ widely in approach and implementation. Compare across countries for a more in-depth understanding of this important aspect of education.

Japan Migration and Mobility in Childhood in Japan

Mexico Migration and Mobility in Childhood in Mexico

Turkey Migration and Mobility in Childhood in Turkey