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Emotion, Trauma, and Critical Pedagogy: Implications for Critical Peace Education

Peace Education : International Perspectives

Bloomsbury Academic, 2016

Book chapter


... showing students’ resistance and rejection of critical pedagogical efforts for a variety of reasons (Boler 2004b; Boler and Zembylas 2003; Ellsworth 1989; Zembylas 2008). This evidence exposes how some assumptions that are made in critical...

Practising an ethic of caring in teaching: challenges and possibilities

International Perspectives on Education

Continuum, 2008

Book chapter


... In either case, however, caring is an emotion-laden practice in which emotions may be underplayed, overplayed, neutralized or changed (Zembylas 2002, 2003b) in order to advance particular educational goals ( Hargreaves 1999)....