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...During Vietnam’s two decades of rapid economic growth, its fertility rate has fallen sharply at the same time that its educational attainment has risen rapidly—macro trends that are consistent with the hypothesis of a quantity-quality...
...Given its modest position as a lower-middle-income country, Vietnam stands out from the rest of the world with its remarkable performance on standardized test scores, school enrollment, and completed years of schooling. This paper provides...

The Use of Sports and College Student Role Models to Enhance Educational Outcomes Among Rural Vietnamese Adolescents

Education and Disadvantaged Children and Young People

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...Introduction In this chapter, I explain a model for an intervention, Coach for College (CFC), seeking to help youth who are at risk due to living in low-income or rural communities and/or due to membership in stereotyped groups. I...

Vietnam: The Education System – A Need to Improve Quality

Education in South-East Asia

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Education Around the World chapter

...Introduction Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in South-East Asia. Consistently high annual rates of economic growth during the past two decades have helped raise living standards and have enabled the more rapid development...