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...Good health and quality education are essential for economic growth and poverty reduction. Unfortunately, the quality of the education and health services provided in low-income countries is often low. Improving access and quality...
...Do teachers have accurate beliefs about their effort and ability? This paper explores this through a survey experiment in public-private partnership schools in Uganda, wherein teacher self-beliefs are contrasted with their beliefs about...
...This paper estimates the short-term, partial-equilibrium impacts of a public-private partnership program for low-cost private secondary schools in Uganda. The public- private partnership program is part of a broader strategy to absorb large...

Mathematics Teachers’ CPD Experience and Classroom Practice: Is CPD Improving Learning in Uganda’s Primary Schools?

Continuing Professional Teacher Development in Sub-Saharan Africa : Improving Teaching and Learning

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Book chapter

...Introduction Using the experience of mathematics teachers in primary schools in Uganda, this chapter discusses provision of continuing professional development (CPD) and the extent to which such training addresses teachers...

Uganda: An Overview

Education in East and Central Africa

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Education Around the World chapter

...Introduction Uganda is located in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa and lies astride the Equator. The total area of the country is about 241,039 square kilometres, of which about 43,942 square kilometres are covered by freshwater bodies...

Education and Poverty Alleviation in Eastern Africa – The Causal Links

Education, Poverty, Malnutrition and Famine : Education as a Humanitarian Response

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter

...Poverty – what are we measuring? Whereas education is a wide enough concept not to need any definition, the term ‘poverty’ does, as it is important to clarify how poverty is measured. In simplistic terms, poverty is normally...