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‘Our School Is Our Independence’: A Novice School Director’s Perspective on School Leadership and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in East Timor

Michael Cowie

Michael Cowie is an Honorary Fellow of the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. A former headteacher, Michael was previously Co-Director of the Masters Programme in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the North of Scotland Headteacher Preparation Consortium, a partnership involving the universities of Aberdeen and Dundee and nine education authorities. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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New Primary Leaders : International Perspectives

Continuum, 2011

Book chapter

...Introduction Paulino de Carralho’s account of becoming and being the director of a remote village primary school in the youngest country in the world is embedded in a context of post-conflict reconstruction. One of the most...
...The Timor Leste secession conflict lasted for 25 years. Its last wave of violence in 1999, following the withdrawal of Indonesian troops, generated massive displacement and destruction with widespread consequences for the economic...

Timor-Leste: Education, Decolonization and Development

Education in South-East Asia

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Education Around the World chapter

...Introduction In May 2002, Timor-Leste became the first country in the world to achieve its independence in the twenty-first century, ending over 400 years of colonial rule which had begun with the arrival of the Portuguese in the sixteenth...