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Country overview

...Country overview Afghanistan has a long history of organized education. Buddhist, Zoroastrian, and Hindu temples, as well as mosques and madrasas, feature in the past and present traditional educational institutions. However, the modern...


Country overview

...Country Overview In 2010, some 5.14 million out of 5.8 million school-age-going children in Malaysia were enrolled in government and government-aided primary and secondary schools. Ministry of Education Malaysia (2010), “Malaysia...


Country overview

...Country overview Primary education is compulsory in Singapore. The six-year program focuses on developing language and numeracy skills, as well as building character. English, mathematics, and mother tongue language are the core subjects...


Country overview

...Country overview Before 1987, Japan For further statistical information please visit the following sites: Statistic Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (2018), “Statistical Handbook of Japan 2018...


Country overview

...Country overview China is a country with over 5,000 years of history and a diverse and profound culture. It is a vast country with contrasting landscapes and terrains, a multiethnic and multilingual population, and varying levels...


Mah-E-Rukh Ahmed

Mah-E-Rukh Ahmed is a Post-doctoral Research Student at the University of Hull, UK. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Education in West Central Asia

Bloomsbury, 2013

Education Around the World chapter

...This book discusses formal and non-formal education, approaches and trends, problems and policies, contradictions between cultural values and modernity, and historical perspectives in the West Central Asian republics. The book includes 15...


Country overview

...Country overview All sourced from: L. Pe Symaco , Education in South-East Asia ( London : Bloomsbury, 2013). Schooling in Indonesia is delivered by the National Ministry for Education, which administers regular state and private schools...


Country overview

...Country overview The majority of text in this page is sourced from L. Pe Symaco , Education in South-East Asia ( London : Bloomsbury, 2013). Three independent agencies are mandated by the government to oversee and provide policy...
...This chapter explores a post-structural approach to understanding and framing peace in a contextualized case study in Mindanao. Through the development of an alternative theory of peace incorporating both utopian and Derridean perspectives,...

Citizenship in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo

Citizenship Education in Japan

Continuum, 2011

Book chapter

...Introduction The Course of Study in Japan has been revised many times. After World War II, a new subject, Social Studies, was established in elementary, junior high and high schools...