Education in East and Central Africa

Education in East and Central Africa

by Charl Wolhuter

Charl Wolhuter is Subject Chair and Professor of Comparative Education and Teaching Theory in the School of Education of North-West University, South Africa. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2014
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    978-1-4725-9350-4 (online)

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    First Edition
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Education in East and Central Africa
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Education in East and Central Africa provides an invaluable comparative compendium on education in a myriad of countries often overlooked in contemporary literature. While this text includes chapters on education in the well-known African nations of Kenya and Zambia, it also provides substantive material on education in underrepresented African nations like Eritrea, in countries experiencing continuing conflict, such as the Central African Republic, or in the newly emerging nation of South Sudan. While contributing to comparative analyses of education and its challenges in underrepresented east and central African nations, this work also remains an invaluable and unique resource for comparative education students in emerging universities with limited libraries and internet connectivity. -- Karen Biraimah, Professor of Comparative Education, University of Central Florida, USA