From Technicians to Teachers

From Technicians to Teachers: Ethical Teaching in the Context of Globalized Education Reform

by Leon Benade

Leon Benade is Senior Lecturer (Primary) and Director of Research in the School of Education at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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A Continuum, 2012
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    978-1-4411-9235-6 (paperback)

    978-1-3500-9129-0 (online)

    978-1-4411-7769-8 (epdf)

    978-1-6235-6321-9 (epub)
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    First Edition
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    New York
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From Technicians to Teachers
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From Technicians to Teachers provides theoretical and practical reasons for suggesting that widespread, international curriculum reform of the post-1990 period need not deprofessionalise teaching. The widely held deprofessionalisation thesis is both compelling and fatalistic, leading to a despairing sense that teachers are either no more than technicians, or that they can be reprofessionalised through definitions of ‘effective teachers’ promoted by the reforms. However, there are many teachers who do not see their work in either of these ways.

The book is structured around an in-depth case study detailing the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum in that nation - one of the best international examples of neoliberal reform. Benade argues that curriculum policy can and should be analysed critically, while pointing out the dangers for ethical teachers that can exist in national or state curricula.

Energising and inspiring, this book reminds teachers and teacher educators that although they work in a globalised context, their own role is fundamental and has a profoundly ethical basis, despite the negative impacts of three decades of education reform.