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In Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies, youth is defined as from the age of 13 to the age of 21.

This resource explores and details the experiences of young people from a diverse range of regional contexts. As well as providing an overview and the historical context of youth experience, each region will focus on sixteen key topics, listed below, in order to illuminate how young lives are lived in that country.

Including studies and data on youth experiences and perspectives, quantitative trends, qualitative data, these articles will provide current data on the social contexts that impact youth such as education, employment, social and income inequality and poverty, politics, and citizenship in each given country.

Editor in Chief

Kate Tilleczek, Professor and Tier I Canada Research Chair, York University, Canada

Dr. Kate Tilleczek is the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Young Lives, Education & Global Good and Full Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University. She is founder and Scientific Director of Young Lives Research Laboratory, which investigates how modern societies are shifting to support and/or negate young people’s lives and well-being. Kate has been honored with Education Canada’s Whitworth Award for achievement in education research, was visiting research fellow at Oxford University Department of International Development, and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Youth Studies.

Currently, Kate is leading a SSHRC-funded study on long-term impacts of technology on youth. She has co-led a Global Affairs Canada project with and for indigenous Chilean youth, which developed an intercultural and interdisciplinary curriculum and school (Wekimün School) that integrates traditional and modern knowledge to meet the needs of youth and their communities. She continues to work in Chile with the Williche Council of Chiefs and in the Knowing Global Youth project (SSHRC-funded). Her related project in Central America and the Caribbean, funded by the SSHRC Partnership grant, focuses on how education does/does not enhance youth well-being and human rights.

Kate is also leading a long-term study of young people’s, and their families’, journeys through the mental health system (Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded) and is evaluating a regional scale-up of a social and emotional learning curriculum for children and youth (Public Health Agency of Canada funded).